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Free Shipping in Canada when you spend $150 (Ontario), $200 (Rest Of Canada not including BC and NL), and $250 (BC and NL) before taxes!
Free Shipping in Canada when you spend $150 (Ontario), $200 (Rest Of Canada not including BC and NL), and $250 (BC and NL) before taxes!



With the announcement of Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition, we are all dying with anticipation for more information and more reveals. What can one do with all this positive energy and excitement? Well I’d say its time to put our brushes where our mouths are….well….Paint, I mean we should paint! With that spirit in mind, it is a great time to either start that Age of Sigmar collection that you have been wanting to, well, collect. Or to add a decent chunk onto an existing army so that your forces are well rounded for the new edition this summer.

This event will be a purely “Online” event. Over 4 Months, participants will have monthly painting challenges that can be found below.

Painting Challenge

  • June - Paint 1 Battleline and 1 Hero.
  • July - Paint 1 unit of Infantry or Calvary and 1 Hero, Monster, Artillery or Behemoth.
  • August - Paint 1 Battleline and 1 unit (Can be anything).
  • September - Paint any until (Can be anything!) and BONUS (Display, terrain, or endless spell).

All participants will be invited to a Discord server where they can hang out and work on their projects with other participants from our store (and other participating stores). There will be an official ‘Hobby Night’ each week every Thursday evening. At the end of the event, at the first possible chance, all participants will be invited and have their places guaranteed to the first Age of Sigmar in store event for 3rd edition!


So why should you participate?

Simple, you are interested in Age of Sigmar and need to get that energy out somehow! With a group to keep you motivated and some short-term goal this event will ensure you are ready for this new Edition! So that’s it, there are no penalties, no shaming, etc. just a bunch of like-minded hobbyists helping each other get motivated and getting some stuff done. 

Join in by clicking HERE. Once you sign up, we will forward you the link to the Discord server.