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Free Shipping in Canada when you spend $150 (Ontario), $200 (Rest Of Canada not including BC and NL), $250 (BC and NL), and $300 (YK, NWT, NU) before taxes!

Lords of War Gaming League -SPRING 2024 Ticket - WARHAMMER OLD WORLD


Lords Of War Gaming League - 2024 SPRING WARHAMMER OLD WORLD


April to June Warhammer Old World League.
The league consists of 4 rounds with one round every 2 weeks. 

Players must bring 1500pts of Matched Play Warhammer Old World. Armies can be composed from Ravening Hoards, Forces of Fantasy or offical games workshop PDF army rosters. You must follow the guidelines for army construction found in each book/PDF.

We will be Missions from the Main Rulebook,
Round 1: The Plain Of L'Anguille P288
Round 2: The Doom Of Odo Todmeyer P290
Round 3: Battle Of Gisoreaux Gap P296
Round 4: The Drakwald Forest Incident P294

We will kick things off April 12th and end by June 9th.

Pairings will be scheduled by the Shop and players will receive emails/notifications of who they will play during each round of the league. Each round will give players roughly 2 weeks to play their league game at the shop.

The Best League Days will be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Other days may also work depending on what’s happening in the store that day (check ahead of time).
Please work with Jay or Chris to navigate scheduling conflicts.

Tickets for the league are $20 with all ticket revenue to be converted into loot for the end of event awards.

Make sure you are signed up to the store Discord server, because we will be using that to post updates, answer questions and post gaming match ups!

Please use or provide an active email that you check and maintain to receive the critical match up pairings and scheduling.

Gaming Schedule:

Round 1:
April 12th  – April 25th.

Round 2:
April 26th- May 9th

Round 3:
May 10th – May 23rd

Round 4:
May 24th – June 9th

What are the Prizes and Loot?
Prize amounts are based on number of participants in the Leagues. All sign up funds will be allocated to prizes, so there will be lots of cool stuff up for grabs.

There (at least) will be prizes for:
1st Place League finish
Outstanding Presentation
Random Raffles 

We will try and keep this up to date with questions that get asked.

- You Must use appropriate bases or base conversion trays as outlined in the books/pdfs. If a PDF army with multiple options choose one listed. 

- Fully Painted is not required

Can I change my army list and faction?
If you lose a game you may change your army list and/or faction.

When do I submit my list?
Your list should be emailed to prior to your first game. Make sure you bring a copy of your list for your opponent to see.

My league opponent isn’t getting back to me. What do I do?
Don’t panic! Let us know and we will do our best to sort it out!

Can I play my games at home or a different store?
No! The purpose of this league is to build up the gaming community at the shop and we can’t do that if you don’t play here.